Offering Free Trial Drop In Day
We know you worry about how well your child will fit into a new preschool! So we offer a FREE TRIAL DROP IN DAY. This offer is for our preschool and pre-K rooms open to all prospective parents with children older than 3. Because of care standards, we are unable to offer a free trial to infants and toddlers until you are enrolled.

If you want to try before you buy, please call us and we can help schedule a day filled with outdoor fun activities like water day and group activities like music and dance, and arts and crafts.

As we adjust to the needs of families in Covid-19 times, we are enhancing the curriculum for children who would have normally transitioned to kindergarten but plan to stay back in out small and safe class rooms for an additional year. We offer a kindergarten level STEM and language curriculum for our older kids. See if your kids love our dinosaurs, and space activities or pick a few words of Spanish in our bilingual language room.

Our STEM room is filled with fun activities including dinosaurs and space travel.
STEM Room Parker Early Learning
Our Spanish and Language Room We start the children on the path of bilingual education through fun, interactive learning in Spanish using games, songs, and group activities taught by native Spanish speakers. They also learn about the world and other cultures in our preschool, pre-K curriculum.
Spanish Room Parker Early Learning
Call 303.632.8427 to schedule a tour, sign up for a free drop in day, and see our classes in action.
Parker Early Learning Academy | July 11, 2020 | blog