Back to School is here!
We can't believe its that time of the year again! In the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding the reopening of schools and trajectory of Covid-19, we offer a safe haven for children under six years of age.

You can leave your pre-K and kindergartners in our care and be sure that they are not getting left behind academically. We teach higher level math including numbers, addition/subtraction, language and science instruction for children older than four. We also follow all CDC and Tricounty Health department guidelines for hygiene and safety and have operated through the “stay-at-home” period and are confident in our ability to maintain a safe and secure environment.

We are also offering special discounts and “summer off” enrollment packages for teachers in appreciation of everything you have to deal with. Discounts last the whole year and you save hundreds of dollars. Contact Us
Back to School Bus Parker Early Learning
Ous School has:
  • Expanded Toddler room capacity. We just added another room for toddlers. Spots are available and going fast.
  • Updated preschool rooms (STEM Room). We updated our STEM curriculum to support the needs of older kids staying back
  • Spanish: We have brought in native Spanish speaking teachers to provide a higher level of bilingual language curriculum
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